After an extremely early start, we reached Basel at around 13:00 and then headed to the apartment to freshen up. Whilst the weather was fairly cold, we still decided to head to the nearest supermarket (Coop) to grab some lunch to eat beside the River Rhine.

When browsing for some halal friendly options, we were very much intrigued by the concept of a sushi sandwich and so picked one up in addition to a teriyaki tofu salad and some cous cous.

The walk down to the river took us ten minutes, allowing me to have my first glimpse of Basel: multi coloured buildings lined with bicycles; an array of cute, little shops and a diverse community of people. At this point, I think I was already in love with the country!


On the way back from the river we passed St Johanns Tor, also known as the Gate of Saint John. It was built after 1356, forming part of the city’s fortifications and remains as one out of three of the entrance gates in Basel.


In the evening, we caught the tram to a Halal Turkish Restaurant called Aladin. Not being able to choose one thing as usual, we ordered several dishes and shared. I really enjoyed the falafel and houmus as well as the Dolma which I absolutely love!




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