Stepping out of the train station at Bern, we immediately experienced a different type of atmosphere from the previous places we had visited. Perhaps it was the distinct contrast in temperature (it was still raining), or the fact that Bern is the capital city and so was teeming with people, either way we had already decided we loved the place!

Seeing as the Huawei had proven to be useless, we decided to just wander around and hopefully encounter the sights on our list. Our first stops were the Dreifaltigkeitskirche and Rose Garden. Again, we didn’t take any pictures inside this particular Church as there were people who were praying and so we felt it would be disrespectful to do so. The Rose Garden was really beautiful with a pavilion area where you could sit and face a view of the whole city. Whilst in the garden, we met a really friendly Swiss woman, who initially started speaking to us in Arabic; after taking in our blank faces, she asked what languages we spoke and then welcomed us into her country.


We then walked to the House of Parliament which is also referred to as the Federal Palace of Switzerland. Outside the building, there is an impressive display of twenty- six fountains which represent each of the cantons.


As always, we took a walk through the city’s Altstadt (old town). Having seen various Altstadts on our travels in Switzerland, it is safe to say Bern’s was by far my favourite: with coloured flags to countless fountains and the Zytglogge (clock tower) I had been excitedly anticipating, what was there not to like? The Zytglogge, built in 1530, was the city’s first western gate.


Slightly further on from the Zytglogge, we saw the house of Albert Einstein, where he stayed for two years and developed his Theory of Relativity.


After seeing the Rathaus and a few other sites, we headed towards the bear park which Fatima was really looking forward to. Seeing it in a vlog, where there were only two bears, I warned her not to get her hopes up as it didn’t look very promising but she was adamant it would live up to her expectations. Having walked ten minutes in the rain, we arrived and discovered there were no bears! I’m not going to lie, I was in tears from laughing so much whereas Fatima was pretty much devastated. However, a few minutes later we saw a group of people gathering on the opposite side near the river and so went to see what they were looking at: THERE WAS A BEAR!! The bear was really cute and was slowly moving around and as it walked through another gate, we discovered a second bear!  Even though I went there not expecting much, I am so glad we did go and would really recommend visiting as it is quite a different activity.


We finished in Bern at around 17:00 and decided to visit a town called Olten that we had passed on the train earlier in the day. Olten provided a relaxing end to our busy day; we went for a walk beside the River Aare and walked across an old bridge.


When we finally arrived back at the apartment, we were exhausted and so decided to order in a take- away. We opted for a Domino’s vegetarian pizza; considering I don’t see the hype in the UK, the pizza was actually pretty good!


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