We initially decided that we would spend the day on a panoramic train which was included under our Swiss Travel Pass, starting from Spiez and getting off at Interlaken so that we could then visit Grindelwald. As it turns out, what was meant to be ten minutes in Spiez turned into two hours! Although Spiez is a small town, it is located on Lake Thun and surrounded by mountains making it a very peaceful yet picturesque place to visit.


We walked around the town before spotting a castle on a hill. When we went inside, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could go in for free ( again because of the travel pass), as well as there being information about the history provided in English. The castle was a fun change from the countless Altstadts, Münsters and clock towers we had visited, providing interactive activities such as writing using a quill and climbing onto a wooden horse.

The view from the tower, the oldest part of the castle, was insane!

When we finished touring the castle, we spoke to the woman at reception who was extremely helpful and friendly. After telling her our next stop was Interlaken, she suggested we take a boat rather than a train, allowing us to have an even better view of the mountains. (The boat ride was also free with the pass.)

The journey was just under two hours and when we reached Interlaken, we were starving. As it was a bank holiday and we couldn’t see any nice restaurants nearby, we just picked up some veggie pizza slices from Avec ( yet another supermarket) and ate them at the station. We then explored Interlaken and ended up finding numerous halal restaurants we could have eaten at! One thing we did notice was that there were a lot of Indian people as well as multiple Indian flags hung onto each building; we later discovered that it was because many of the Bollywood movies are actually filmed there; so if you want to meet a Bollywood star, Interlaken is the place to be!


In Grindelwald, we wanted to do a zipline or quad biking but discovered when searching online we had to book in advance and so we decided we would go to St Gallen instead; another city we had passed on our train journey on a previous day. Without consulting a map, we hopped onto a train. Halfway into what seemed like an endless journey, we realised that St Gallen was on the opposite side of the country from Interlaken!

When we did finally arrive in St Gallen, we visited the Abbey and Cathedral; the Baroque style interior was amazing!


In order to get back to the apartment for ten, we didn’t have that much time to fully explore the city and so the remainder of our time there was spent roaming the streets.


For dinner, we picked up falafel sandwiches from Coop to eat on the train; I can’t say I was a big fan; they definitely needed some hoummus!



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