1. RESEARCH TRANSPORT PRICES IN ADVANCE: If you intend to travel to different places whilst you are in Switzerland, it may be cheaper to buy a Swiss Travel Pass. There are various different passes available that you can check out on the website. The pass also provides you with free entrance to a range of museums as well as certain mountain excursions. To really make the most of the travel pass, I would recommend that before you visit each town or city, research places nearby so if you finish earlier than expected, you can just hop onto a train to another place.
  2.  PUNCTUALITY IS KEY: If a train has a certain departure time, chances are it will leave exactly at that time and so get there early!
  3. SBB WIFI IS A LIFESAVER: When you go to your first Swiss train station, connect to the wifi. Each station has free wifi and so you will automatically connect in the future.
  4. BE PREPARED FOR THE TRAIN JOURNEYS: Depending on where you visit, the train journey could be around three hours and so take something to keep you occupied. Fatima brought along some cards and so our journeys consisted of the only two player card games we knew: Irish Snap, Go Fish and Spit!
  5. SUPERMARKET FOOD WILL BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND: If you are travelling to Switzerland on a budget, I wouldn’t recommend eating out often as the prices are exceptionally high. You can grab warm food or sandwiches from any of the supermarkets as well as picking up ingredients to cook a meal yourself. A wrap from Coop is about 6 CHF (£5); whilst it’s still pricey for a wrap, trust me when I say it is much cheaper than eating out!
  6. TAKE A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE: There are plenty of fountains dotted around Switzerland where you can fill up your bottle with drinkable water, which will save you from buying water every day.
  7. STOCK UP ON SNACKS FROM HOME: A very Asian thing to do but again, this will save you a lot of money!
  8. VISIT TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRES: Although we only thought to do this on the last day of our travel pass, it was an extremely useful thing to do as you can grab a map of the city or town, marking out the places you would like to visit.
  9. MAKE LISTS: It will make your life a lot easier to research what you would like to visit in a certain place and so when you arrive, you won’t waste time finding things to do.
  10. RESEARCH AND BOOK: Unfortunately, we didn’t get to tour a chocolate factory or do any adventure sports like we wanted to as we didn’t realise you have to book in advance. Don’t make the same mistake we did!


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